Liquid Process Equipment

Oden Corporation, in alliance with Green Frontier, offers liquid products processing machinery that optimizes profits and at the same time, reduces impact on the environment.

Improve your sustainability performance with these benefits:

1. Reduced labor costs
2. Enhanced product quality
3. Increased production capacity
4. Decreased generation of waste and scrap

Continuous Stream Digital Blending Systems

OPEG’s Mass/Blend continuous stream liquid blending systems provide real time formulation, yielding superior product quality and tighter response to consumer demand.


Automated Batch Addition Systems

OPEG will work with your company to create an automated liquid batching addition systems to match your requirements; either fully automatic or semi-automatic, single or multiple channel.


Turnkey Liquid Product Transfer Systems

Oden Process Equipment Group supplies turnkey transfer systems from raw material bulk supply to blending equipment and batching vessels and on to your packaging lines.