Liquid Blending Systems

Gen3 Mass/BlendGen/Mass 3 Digital Blending System
Continuous Stream Digital Blending

The MASS/BLEND® Continuous Stream Digital Blending System represents a quantum leap forward in blending system design, eliminating many of the problems associated with large liquid batch preparation and providing more compounding flexibililty, faster product turnarounds, shorter practical run capabilities and superior product quality.

Industry applications:

  • Food, Dairy and Beverage Plants
  • Personal Care Products Industry
  • Household Products Industry
  • Chemical Products Industry
  • Pharma and Biotech Products Industry
  • Industrial Products Industry


How it works:
  1. Each liquid stream is individually dosed to a common location at a net flow rate greater than the maximum take-away rate.
  2. A dose is “on-off” or digital. It is produced by a servo–PD pump–mass meter “module”.
  3. Each stream is dosed to a correct mass proportion.
  4. Each stream starts and stops simultaneously.
  5. The system can be started or stopped at each dose interval — typically every 5 seconds.
  6. The system is inherently accurate, stable, self monitoring, self correcting.
  7. The system automatically adapts to changes in take away flow rates without re-calibration or stream flow adjustment.

The appeal and merit of the Mass/Blend continuous stream blending system, as distinct from a batching system, is clear. The ability to eliminate large liquid product batch preparation and holding tanks leads allows for small system volume, more product compounding flexibility, faster product species turn around, smaller and shorter practical run capabilities and a substantially lower capital asset commitment. Continuous stream in-line blending also yields superior product quality, and eliminates the “wall” between liquid products processing and liquid products packaging, as well as greatly reduce waste, cleanup time and effluent volumes.

Features and Benefits:
  • Ready for Connection
  • No Filler Starvation or Startup Problems
  • Pre-Engineered Dosing “Modules”
  • 0 to 250 GPM Continuous Stream Liquid Flow Capability
  • “Cycle by Cycle” Tuning and Monitoring of Flow Meters During Process
  • Operate with All Types of Liquids – Low Viscosity to High
  • No Forced Changes in Present Batch Formula Streams
  • Requires Only Small Product Quantities in the Pipeline
  • All Blended Product Can Be Utilized
  • Proven Technology Components
  • PC/PLC Controls
  • Mass Flow Meter Based
  • No PID Loops
  • No Start/Stop Problems or Penalties
  • Exceptionally Low System Volume
  • High Accuracy Inherent with mass Flow Meters
  • Up to 0.15 to 0.25% Accuracy Dependent upon Dose Size and Product



How can Digital Blending blur the line between processing and packaging?

  • No mixing tanks required
  • Reduced consumption of plant floor space
  • Quick availability of product
  • Real time batching — no aging effects
  • Easier handling
  • Direct mixing of the products in the pipeline
  • Faster changeover
  • Maximum flexibility for “future FOG”
  • Greater product consistency and reproduceability
  • Precise mass flow meters – high accuracy
  • Inherent 100:1 scaleability of the batch process
  • Make only what you need — no waste
  • Shorter runs become practical
  • Tighter bundle to consumer demand
  • Inherent and fast CIP
  • Reduced component waste
  • Reduced effluent volumes