About Us

Drive Value Throughout Your Organization

Oden Process Equipment Group offers products and services that provide sustainability and equipment solutions to companies of all sizes involved in liquid products processing.

OPEG helps companies optimize their liquid products processing operations and at the same time, reduce their impact on the environment and improve their sustainibility performance.

Market sectors include food and beverages, personal care, household products, pharmaceutical and general industrial.

Benefits realized by our clients include:

  • Reduced labor costs
  • Enhanced product quality
  • Increased production capability
  • Decreased Waste and Scrap

OPEG is backed by the Oden/Green Frontier alliance.  Green Frontier advises companies of all sizes how to craft and implement unique sustainability strategies tailored to improve their environmental and social performance while creating value. Their primary services include Process Optimization/Design, Life Cycle Analysis, Environmental Footprinting, and Waste Elimination.

We have decades of experience collaborating on many projects in the liquid processing field.  The OPEG alliance combines industry specialists and world-class equipment to provide clients with turnkey offerings that drive value throughout their organizations.

You Can Count On Us.

Oden Corporation is a leading U.S. manufacturer of of filling and processing machinery for the liquid products markets. We have pioneered a constant stream of “cutting-edge” innovations that include the first “rotary pump + servo” liquid filling methodology, in 1980, and the first “Coriolis mass meter based” net weight liquid filler “family”, in 1996.

We understand the importance of high quality machinery backed by high quality service.  We offer you over three decades of industry-leading innovation in designing and engineering solutions for liquids applications.

We listen.

Give us your filling parameters and we will design a system to meet your requirements.  Talk to us about your need for a customized machine or an atypical liquid packaging solution and we’ll work with you to find a solution.

Our machinery is better by design.


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Member of the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute.

Oden Corporation maintains a constant program of product improvement which may affect design and/or specifications. We reserve the right to make these changes without prior notice or liability.