New Machinery Web Site Features Sustainability and Equipment Solutions for Liquid Products Processing Operations


Visitors to OPEG’s new website, will find world class machinery for liquid products processing that optimizes profits and reduces the impact on the environment.

Improving sustainability performance is key to the Oden Process Equipment Group’s automated alternatives for liquid products blending, continuous motion high speed dosing machines, batch addition systems and turnkey liquid product transfer systems.

A strategic corporate alliance betweekn Green Frontier LLC and Oden Corporation combines the expertise of industry specialist to help companies of all sizes reduce labor costs, enhance product quality, increase production capacity, and decrease generations of waste and scrap.



Gary Laidman, Vice-President, Oden Corporation, Office: 716-874-3000, Fax: 716-874-1589

Thomas Fitz, President, Green Frontier LLC, Office: 919-481-3489, Cell: 910-272-5262